Anton Vasyliev

I am a UX designer with backgrounds in system administration, quality assurance, and UI design.


It’s a one-page summary of my work profile on A4. It includes the most important information about past projects and main skills.

~ 20 seconds of reading


It’s an extended summary of my work experience. It consists of short role descriptions and responsibilities for each company I worked for.

~ 2 minutes of reading

Nomad 2018-2023

This case study traces the evolution of the Nomad design system built on Material UI. Throughout this project, I transitioned from being a project designer to assuming the role of a lead designer and eventually stepping into the position of a product owner.

~ 5 minutes of reading

Attendant OS 2019-2023

The case study represents the challenge of building a Linux-based operating system for gambling machines.

~ 5 minutes of reading

Experience 2012-2016

This PDF presents my UX design background before starting my path at Novomatic. It contains various visual assets accompanied by brief descriptions.

~ 7 minutes of reading